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Are you having problems with your computer or laptop? We can help you troubleshoot any problem with your computer or laptop. We can troubleshoot startup issues, hardware, and software problems. We can test and replace failed components.

Computers have made our life simple, easy and fast. Desktops, laptops and notebooks have made our work as easy as we have desired. Computers make our life beautiful when they work fine, respond to our commands and complete the task as required. But, when the same machine stops behaving the way we want, we must understand what it wants to communicate via error messages, beeps and blue screens. If such situations are taken care of immediately, we save all the frustrations of computer problems later. We must also admit that our PC is delicate and fragile. Carelessness with our PC leads to great damages on the system.

So, fixing computers is a sensitive task and we need professionals to resolve such situations. First Solution tech support has that sensitivity and experience to fix your computer problems efficiently. We work with computers every day and are well aware of the solutions to all your computer problems. We have a dedicated team of experts who are IT professionals and industry certified technicians. Trying to find a knowledgeable technician to work on your computer software or hardware issue can be a tough task. When time is money and you need someone now, First Solution is there for you.

Some of the solutions we provide include:

·         Repair as well as upgrade your computer Operating System

·         PC optimization for faster computer performance

·         Installation of all the critical Operating System

·         Troubleshoot PC problems

·         Repair Microsoft Office issues

·         Troubleshoot “Blue Screen Error”

·         Troubleshoot “No boot, No display”

·         Creating Restore Points

·         Defragmenting the hard disk

·         Optimization of your data with your permission

·         Review of all running system tasks and services

·         Check the computer’s system settings to improve its efficiency

·         Cleaning of TEMP and similar folders

·         IE Cleanup

·         Disk Cleanup & Defragmentation

·         Registry Cleanup & Repair

·         Virus Scans


We also specialize in professional tax preparation software such as; Crosslink, TaxWise, TaxSlayer, Proseries, Drake, and many more.

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