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Each computer we build is tailor made to suit the perimeters of your business or home use. We do not give you a list of options and ask you to choose. You tell us what you need the computer to do, what it will be used for, what software you would like and we recommend and build the computer that will meet your needs.

Do you have specific needs for a new computer. Are you a designer that needs a workhorse pc, or a business in need of a new server, or simply looking a family computer?

First Solution is your one stop solution for all of your computers needs including; Desktop computers, Laptop computers, Servers, Monitors, Printers, Scanners, Drives, Memory, Processors, Motherboards, Speakers, Video Cards, Sound Cards, Modems, Cables, Networking, Media, Fans and so much more.

Our custom computer solutions allow you to choose the custom computer system that is right for you, whether you need an inexpensive custom computer system for the novice user or require a more powerful computer system for work or professional use. With a Custom computer system package you can choose exactly what you need, whether it's a special component or unique configuration. All of our custom computer system are custom built to your specifications by highly trained and industry certified computer technicians.

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