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If your hard drive crashes, don’t panic, call First Solution! Our technicians will attempt to recover lost files from your hard drive, flash drive, memory card or just about any device that stores data.  We know your data is important to you, so we'll keep you updated throughout the recovery process.

Never assume your valuable data can’t be recovered – we find that your data is recoverable the majority of the time! First Solution data recovery solutions can restore critical personal and business information from almost any storage device.

First Solution has a full range of recovery solutions available for hard drives, specializing in desktop, laptop, and external/portable hard drive recovery. Data can be recovered from simple to the most complex losses, including viruses, accidental deletion, system crashes, corruption, deletion or partitions, reformatting and more.

Backing up your data is the most important maintenance you can do for your PC. It’s often not a question of if, but when you will need data recovery. However, when that time comes, you can trust that First Solution has the extensive experience and expertise to recover data

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