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Millions of users with always on high speed internet are prime targets for email attacks, identity theft, and malicious hacker programs. We can remove those viruses and spyware. We can have your computer or network back on track in hours, rather than days.

At any given time there are literally thousands of computer viruses and spyware in circulation on the internet. If you have a pc that does not start or a computer that takes entirely too long come up to allow you to work- you may have a computer virus or spyware! viruses and spyware can destroy data to the point of no return and the longer left unattended the more damage it can cause.

An important aspect of our virus/spyware removal solution, that differentiates us from most other computer service companies, is that we don’t give up easily. For almost all our virus/spyware removal cases, we were able to successfully exterminate all viruses and spyware off our customer’s computers, without the need to wipe out all their data. It would surely be easier to reformat a computer, but not for us; At First Solution we value what is most important to you. We know that losing months or even years of customer files, business files, personal files, pictures, contacts, emails, music and all of your important information stored in your computer, is the last thing you want to do. You don’t necessarily have to say goodbye to years of invaluable files. At First Solution, we’ll recur to the last resort to do our best to recuperate your computer files, eliminate all spyware, viruses, and malware and leave you with a clean and safer computer. In the rare situation that require a computer to be formatted we will make every effort to back up and restore all of your data

Through the First Solution's virus/spyware removal solution we:

·         Remove all malicious software using an array of advanced tools, techniques and specialized knowledge that we’ve built over the years. We are spyware and virus removal experts.

·         Perform a comprehensive security audit to identify potential vulnerabilities that can allow the ‘bad stuff’ to get on your computer again.

·         Ensure that all critical Microsoft and 3rd party security patches have been installed.

·         Evaluate your system to verify it’s performing normally.

·         Inform you about ways to make sure your PC is protected against future security problems.

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